The readings assigned for each class session are listed below. Questions for each session's readings are available on the Study Materials page.


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1 Introduction to Course
2 Studying Identity and Difference: Concepts

Pascoe, pp. 1-174.


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3 Analytic Perspectives: Bodies

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4 Analytic Perspectives: What is "Identity?" "Difference?"

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Ahmad ibn Fadlan

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5 Analytic Perspectives: Deviance

Bourgois, pp. 174-337.


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6 Deviance and Stigma: The Outer Limits of Identity Rhodes, pp. 1-224.
7 Sexuality

[RES] "Introduction: Sex matters: Racing Sex and Sexing Race," "Ethnosexual Frontiers: Cruising and Crossing Intimate Intersections," "Constructing Ethnicity and Sexuality: Building Boundaries and Identities," "Sex and Race: The Color of Sex in America," "Sex and Nationalism: Sexually Imagined Communities."


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9 Gender

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10 Religion; Social Class

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11 Ethnicity

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13 Race

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14 Race, Gender, Ethnicity I

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15 Race, Gender, Ethnicity II

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