Reader Responses / Writing Assignments

Students will have 6 assignments throughout the course. Some assignments will be as simple as to summarize the main points of the readings while others will require you to reflect on readings as well as on your field research projects. All assignments will be short; no more than 2 pages double-spaced.

Research Projects

Students will conduct three ethnographic field projects and write analytical papers on each.

The third and final field project on Halloween is broken down into parts starting with field notes from Halloween observations, which should be as extensive as possible. Students later submit first and final drafts of their papers and make a conference-style presentation in class.

Observation and description of a public space Project 1 assignment (PDF)
Analysis of meaning and content of the public space

Project 2 assignment (PDF)

Project handout on Geertz and Foucault (PDF)

An ethnographic study of an aspect of Halloween

Project 3 assignment (PDF)

Presentation guide (PDF)